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I recently had a disc-crash that forced me to reinstall some software, including Skyrim. I also lost my selfmade followers (backup? who's that?). So now I've started the task of recreating them. But I've run into an issue I can't remember encountering before.

So I made my first follower and the preview-window in CK show her like this:



Which is good. This is how she's supposed to look (just need to fix the forehead in Photoshop).


Then I start out on my second character. And in the preview-window in CK she looks like this:



Which is not good. For some reason she always ends up looking like the previews character. I even tried to export other characters (via SPF) and when selecting NoseType=32 in CK (I use ECE) they all turn into the same face. And just for reference, this is what the two looks like in game:



Anyone know what causes this?

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