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(Request) Ritter armor mash-up


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So i saw this picture of the Ritter armor with a skirt and i really liked it so i tried to recreate it (by removing the pants meshes,then wearing the skirt and all didn't work,did my best,couldn't figure it out,got invisible legs) but no success,so i wanted to ask if somebody would be kind enough to mash it for me (since i'm a total noob when it comes to moding or anything related) and send it to me,Please? and Thanks in advance.



the mods used:


-Ritter armor by R18Pn

-The skirt is from Memeru outfit by Anano (i used the chsbhc version to go with CBBE,i think that it's compatible,right?)

-The blue/gold textures are from i don't know where but i will attach the file for them (cysk0043)

   .the site for the textures: http://cyclotron.moe.hm/up/skyrim/fileup/src/cysk0043.7z.html



Oh yeah,i use the CBBE body,so i don't know if it's possible to make.


And also please,if you do make it,don't share it on the site or anywhere else since you will need the permission of the authors (but you already know that for sure,but just in case) share it only for personal use





CHSBHC Memeru Outfit-27429-v1.7z

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