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DOA5LR: Costume Swap mod


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This mod adds costumes for Ayane, Phase 4, Hitomi, Milla, Kokoro, Tina, Racheal, Lisa and Helena. This mod also has neck seams which aren't all that noticeable to me (might bother others though)  This mod was made by a newbie so you shouldn't  expect too much from it. I know that there is a way to make a perfect connection between head and body but, that requires a a lot of hex editing, and i honestly don't want to do that again so..ya  You guys can also use this mod in which ever way you like, I honestly don't care.


Used Assets from Holden's HDM Nude Mod 2.0 to get the skin colors




Edit: Almost forgot to mention the fact that this mod might not be compatible with other mods that also adds costumes to the above mentioned characters...sorry



Fixed the messed up hairstyles for Ayane, Tina and Racheal. Deleted kokoro's duplicate Pai costume. Fixed Milla's hairstyle/face options and added the detail option to a few costumes


Updated Download


One last upload and i'm done with this mod..This version uses harry's skin textures which makes the neck seam a heck of a lot less noticeable


Updated Download (harry)

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I was kind of hoping that the users would find out what was added for themselves.  Creating pictures for each and every costume that was added to the above mentioned characters would have taken a lot of time  to do so. And quite frankly, i'm way too lazy to do it my self. It would be great if some other user did it for me though.

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