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FO3 extreme low FPS Problems

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Whatsup everybody,


I started to begin a new playthrough in FO3 and had to realize that as i progressed in the game my FPS sunk more and more, to a degree which i think is unplayable as fuck.. 5 FPS in megaton to be exact.

I only have 38 Mods active atm. most of them being small things that shouldnt cause problems. I also tried disabling some of them to see if one of them is causing the problem, but nothing found so far, i even tried resetting the .ini files with no success either.

The weird part is that the FPS dont change when i enable or disable the ENB (enhanced shaders ENB ultra preset)


PC Specs :

CPU : 3570K un 4.5GHZ Watercooled

GPUs : 2x GTX760 WIndforce

RAM : 16GB Kingston HyperX


MOBO : Sabertooth Z77

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Guest endgameaddiction

What's up Doomdriven


Did you patch your game with the 4GB? Also recommend picking up the stutter remover patch to help with stability if you don't have those.



Edit: As of lately, with my Fallout 3 I've been experiencing low frames and huge stutter when I pause with either console command prompt or menu screen via escape key and return to the game after a while now that I think about it. It may have to do with the latest enb binary, but I can't confirm that for sure. So maybe you might want to downgrade to a previous version of ENB and see if maybe your problem is somewhat like mine.

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Yes i have both of them active right now. :)


Update : Reinstalled the game, but still have the same Issue. In the best case, i have 30 FPS and they never go above that, as if they were locked to 30 by something. I also tried multiple ENB, now using DUST ENB, but still the same Issue.

I just can't figure out the problem as i can play GTA5 on maxxed out settings and 2.5k resolution with around 60FPS, but somehow i cant seem to get above 30FPS if even that in FO3. Frustrating.


Update2: Okay so the 30FPS limit problem was due to stutter removers .ini file. I changed it to 60 now and its fine. But i still only get 15-25 FPS as soon as i step out of the vault in the beginning.

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What mods are you using? Like most Bethesda games, the main thing that slows down FO3 is the number of NPCs. If you use mods that add NPCs to Megaton, for example, going into Megaton will result in lower FPS depending on how many NPCs are added.

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Guest endgameaddiction

Not necessarily, but that depends too. I can add the extra NPCs for Megaton and be fine. These however are vanilla base NPCs. As in, they share the same assets as the vanilla races. I drop frames like crazy when I deal with many NPCs using custom assets. Especially my NPCs because they use custom hairs from here and I believe they are high poly and that's what causes frames to drop dramatically. Same when you have about 5+ custom followers and you turn around to see them your frames drop.

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I'll take a look at the STEP guide in a bit, thanks. :)


It's working a bit better after the reinstall now as long as i dont use any ENB, but there are always some massive FPS Drops every couple seconds, and with ENB (now using DUST ENB) it's even worse, sometimes still below 25fps.


Here's my current load order.




Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch.esm=1
body blood replacment.esp=1
FO3 Error Fixes.esp=1
Distributed Necklaces and Chains.esp=1
Auto Aim Fix v1.1.esp=1
ZzJay's Hairpacks for Fallout 3.esp=1
Realistic Interior Lighting - OA.esp=1
Realistic Interior Lighting.esp=1
Realistic Interior Lighting - BS.esp=1
Realistic Interior Lighting - PL.esp=1


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