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Help with CBBE HDT

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Hey there you lovely Labers,


I have a little problem with my CBBE I guess.I can make the body I want in the Racemenu but as soon as I leave it the breasts of my character revert to standard size.It also looks like that the body isn´t executed correctly as the breasts look pretty small and when I got it to work (don´t ask me how I was glad it worked) I had to discover that the breasts of my character were literally sucked into the armor.

I used http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/25259/? this armor together with the CBBE body.

I also need help how to apply the CBBE body to NPC as it seems it won´t install the meshes for them or keeps them flat like mine.


I apologize for any confusion I might cause in case this is the wrong forum and for my phrasing~

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