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MSI NVidia GTX 760Ti legit or just phased out?


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Well first off is i lived in SEA content much more precise in the Philippines getting that layed-off here some factors about PC hardware in this country.


-Parts are often scarce when i mean scarce i mean really, you want a specific GPU but they don't have that in any PC store in your local Mall, unless you travel a few miles to search every PC store in a city then move to another. They only stock those that are mainstream brands and most of those parts are low-grade / old.


-High-end parts are mostly sold to mall and most of them are a bit "overpriced". And most are MSI / ASUS brands.


-Most parts are not certified by overseas PC hardware like Tom's Hardware. So most parts here is either good or really bad that depends on your computer know how.


-If you want to get a bargain, your only option is to buy 2nd-hand parts online or really search for stores that offer cheaper price than others.


That said i need any advice on my choice for a GPU. I look at any GTX 760 series on the market and came across this: http://www.elnstore.com/components/msi--N760TI-TF-2GD5-OC-video-card


As you can see it's a GTX 760Ti which means it's like the 750Ti model that has more power. The price is also cheap than expected. A normal MSI GTX 760 would cost me 12,050 PHP = $270.50 while the 750Ti is worth 8,000 - 9,000 PHP = $179.59 - $202.03. This particular card only cost 8,450 PHP = $189.69 (Shipping not included) so the GTX 760Ti version is at the same price as the 750Ti. That's great right!? well yeah too good to be true to make me suspects that it's really that 760Ti model. I've searched MSI's page and i can't see any 760Ti model, I contacted the store that offers the 760Ti and they say it's legit and they have it in Stock!. So what i need is someone with some guru-level knowledge about MSI NVidia models if they really have a 760Ti version, I'll appreciate any answers given and suggestion. :# i'm desperate for any specific reviews since i posted this problem in a famous PC hardware forum site but no answer as of late.



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From your link:

Product description: MSI GTX 760 N760TI TF 2GD5/OC (GeForce GTX 760 GAMING)

Spec Sheet: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750Ti


A legit GTX 760Ti appears to be a rebranded GTX 670 meant for OEM. If the store does carry this, it's a system pull without retail box.


Phew that was close, didn't know that site review thanks for the reference, now my only option is a 760 / at least a 660Ti but 660 are a bit expensive than 760, is there any recommendation good than 760?

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I don't know how difficult it is to get things in Philippines.


GTX 770 goes for ~$200. Are local stores your only option? Maybe try international sellers on ebay?

Yeah local is the only option since i'm tight at the budget and ebay has shipping fees that differ depending on your country i guess. As for the fact that it is really difficult to find parts that are cheaper than those sold in major PC stores like PCX and Gilmore PC. These two hardware store are my only options, Gilmore has more items than PCX but it's quite far from my current location while PCX has many branches but lacks stocks such as 770 and only got mainstream items like R9 & R7 series and most basic like Radeon 7000 below, Nvidia 760, 980, 970 & 960. So yeah Gilmore PC is a worth while. Anyways thanks for the heads up that was a close call buying a 670 base model re-branded for the sake of money :D

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