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Hi there, in this page you can download some face presets I made on Racemenu for myself. This may be not for everyone, as different tastes and opinions apply, but anyway, here we go.


First of all things, you'll need Racemenu


Why v3? Because I released this mod somewhere else.




Where you put these? Here:








The pictures about the presets can be found below or here as a GIF image:




As for the races, here is the check list:


Brianna (Redguard)

Casey (High Elf)

Delaney (Imperial)

Emma (Breton)

Taeyeon (Nord/High Elf mix)


All the others use the Nord race.




You want the exact look from the pictures? You'll need the following mods.

NOTE: It may look a bit different from the pictures since I use different mods, so YMMV.


SG Female Eyebrows - Eyebrows


Brows - More Eyebrows


SG Female Textures Renewal - Textures


Real Girls Realistic Body Texture for UNP UNPB and SeveNBase - WIP - Textures, if you prefer those (they still look good).


Smooth Male Body - Male body textures


DCE - Realistic Male Face - Male face textures


SG Hair Pack 268 and KS Hairdo's - Final, search the web, you will find them.


Natural Eyes - Eyes textures




Respective links above.


Expired for RaceMenu;

hellosanta for: 'SG Female Eyebrows', 'SG Female Textures Renewal', 'SG Hair Pack 268';

Hvergelmir for 'Brows';

urshi for 'Smooth Male Body';

Drumber for 'DCE - Realistic Male Face';

Zonzai for 'Real Girls Realistic Body Texture for UNP UNPB and SeveNBase - WIP';

nevenbridge for 'Natural Eyes';

The authors of 'KS Hairdo's Final';

SkyrimTuner for 'RealVision ENB';

Me (guicool) for the faces.




I can't copyright faces, but use as you see fit. Want to use on a follower or something? Credit me please.

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2 posts and you've already uploaded?. Good job and welcome to lovers lab ^~^


Thanks, I am actually a long time lurker, but I felt necessary to release this.


I also forgot to take a picture of Kari, she's included on the file, but there's no preview. I'll get to it, eventually.


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Um Im not sure if I am doing something wrong but the presets don't show up in the Racemenu for me. I have the most current racemenu installed and the most current SKSE. but when i go into the presets the sliders only show the original presets for the races you have modified. includeing the nord wich by my count should have much more than 9 presets 

any help would be appreciated

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