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Merging ESPs

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I do like most people here for merges:

- followers

- armors/weapons/accessories

- mods bundled with several esps (SMIM comes to mind)

- and mods with small scripts


It's not worth the hassle most of the time to go beyond that just to save a few esps when you can do it simpler and safer by other means. And then the final touch, a bashed patch, for leveled lists obviously and because more often than not, Wrye Bash will find some more esps to merge into its own patch.



What exactly is a "Small script" ? 


Cause right now I'm up to 360 plugins... If I can merge it.. well by gods let me! 


Something like this mod to illustrate my point, basically a script that isn't game-wide, only here to perform a handful small tasks and doesn't run constantly.

This kind of mods are safe to merge (mostly). I wouldn't go beyond that, and not before doing it with a MO profile dedicated to test if everything works as intended once the merge is done.

But you shouldn't need to merge any scripted mods anyway, if after a basic merge you have 255 .esp all relying on scripts, you run too much scripted mods for your own good.


I see Okay, Thanks.

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