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Skyrim chrashes at (in game time) Midnight. I have MemoryBlock.log and Papyrus.0.log and Gamesaves in Dropbox, plus Mod Loadout Images some Detail


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Hi. So. I am immensely proud of my massive, normaly smooth running, modded Skyrim.
So of course i have problems now.


I first thought that the crashing had to do with wait or traveling but i soon nailed it down to an exact time. EXACTLY at midnight (ingame time, adding that so no one gets confused) the game crashes. It also does this outside and far away from Whiterun. At one time i just sat down in my House and waited for the "A Matter of Time" Hud tick to 11:99 and then when it should be 12:00, the game crashed.

So at 12:00 in game Time the game crashes.


Below you will find the MemoryBlockls Log...



..the Papyrus0 Log..



Screencaps of my Modloadout in Mod Organizer. (Should i do the same for the Plugins?)



I also found the last Gamesave that i could load relatively reliably without crashing and made a save after that. Of both i uploaded ess and skse files to Dropbox. I doubt that is of much help, but just in case.






This one was part of the original post on reddit and is of course not really needed here. X-P
[Oh and before someone brings it up with a red face. Yes i use Loverslabs Sexlab and no i am not ashamed of it or something. :-P First because i am 30 now and second well you can read that here if you are really interested: https://www.reddit.com/r/skyrim/comments/320la8/my_wife_wasnt_too_happy_about_who_i_was_speaking/cq725si?context=3

Aside from that i really hope that i can fix this since i wouldn't really want to have to do this all over again.]

Before i continue to test individual mods i need some relaxation in Fallout, man. Fixing mods is really tedious. X-P




Hopefully someone can help me or give me some tips.


EDIT: Here is a Modwatch link: http://modwat.ch/ShoutingIsLife#/plugins


After a break i will go again trough the mods i recently installed and disable them in stacks to perhabs better find the culprit.

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