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Looking for an ENB that run on my low rig


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Hey !


Like the tittle say, I'm looking a "performance" ENB.


My rig:

- Phenom X4 955 @4ghz

- 8GO Ram

- Radeon HD 6770 1GO


I got 40 FPS but with ENB I drop to 15-20 even I always choose the performance folder.



Any suggestions ?

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ZONER's High-Performance ENB


That's an older v108 ENB. Go to the ENB site & download the 108 binary.


I use this one on my laptop. No matter which other "performance" ENB's I use, with or without ENBoost, on newer binaries, they all seem to take a minimum of 20 fps off on a low-end machine making my game unplayable. Zoner's 108 ENB looks good & takes almost NO frames off at all. Smooth gameplay. :)

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