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Lady from DMC in Skyrim (Released)

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Hi all,


Here is my new standalone follower mod for skyrim.


This new mod is - My version of Lady  from DMC (this is my version of this character so dont expect her to be exact as it was in DMC games)


She will appear in game in the same outfit you can see in preview video below. She is also equipped with two deadly guns,

WARNING - this two guns is very deadly, they can instant kill any creature/monster/enemy with one single shot.

Give her other weapons and take out this guns from her inventory if you dont want her to kill enemies with instant kill skill.

This follower is NOT overpowered, she just equipped with two guns which can instant kill any creature with instant kill. If you give her other wepons she will be fighting as any normal follower based on her current LVL.


You can find Lady in Whiterun Drunken Huntsman Inn !



Full description and info about this mod as well as download link  is here on my website - http://skyrimmods.wix.com/shadowdancer#!lady---standalone-follower-mod/cp8p


Here is direct link for mod download - http://dfiles.ru/files/47vibn264(but i still recommend you to visit my website for more info about this follower, her skills, perks and etc.) NEW VERSION 1.2 IS AVAILABLE NOW (I add missing mesh & textures for gun holders, they appear on her outfit now, also

outfit now is UNP version to match Lady UNPB-BBP body type)







1. This Follower required SKSE installed (latest version)


2. Latest Skyrim version

3. Latest vers. of UFO is recommended for any of my followers mods. They are working with UFO (Ultimate Follower Overhaul) just great.


4. HDT Physics Extention Plugin latest stable version is needed if you want to see BBP physics active.

My followers are very friendly with UFO , Convenient Horses, The Dance Of Death, Stealth Kills, and Martial Arts mods.


Installation  process.
You dont need anything else exept files inside zipped folder.


Simply use NMM for install/uninstall.

Or do it manually, just like any other mod.

Uninstall process.
Simply delete all files you copied earlier in your skyrim folder.

All is very easy.



Enjoy Skyrim Everyone !

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