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Hedge knight helm retexture (Trying to fix a bug.)

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I've been playing the Beyond Reach skyrim mod, and when I got to the castle I noticed the Royal Guard NPCs, clad in hedge knight armor, had no textures on the helmet or gloves. I did some testing and found out that while the textures were there, some bug or conflict prevented the textures from showing. I tested my theory by downloading a retexture mod for the Hedge Knight armor set, and found that the gloves were now textured, along with the rest of the armor of course. the retexture must have overwrote whatever issue was causing the bug. The problem is the helmet wasn't included in the retexture mod, and thus doesn't have a texture still. I just need a file with the retextured helmet, no ESP or anything like that, just a .dds file with the helmet. And since my theory turned out to be correct, it would only need to have as little as a single pixel changed in order to give the helmet a texture. I'd love to do it myself but I run Skyrim on Wineskin and I don't wouldn't know where to start on modding Skyrim, much less so on a Mac. If anyone feels up to helping me out that would be great.


EDIT: Some pictures of my progress.




This is the original Hedge Knight armor with the blocked textured.


I searched the internet for a texture replacer for it but not one of them changed the helmet.


But as you can see, the glove textures are now visible due to this retexture.




My only remaining issue is the helmet.

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