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Game CTDs at Save, even when started w/o mods


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I wanted to try the mod Quick As You Like, and since then nothing really works. Couldn't start the game with QAYL activated, then after I deactivated that I couldn't start with Devious Devices Assets.. tried to get it to work, gave up.. then suddenly the ability to Save was gone. I decided to get the basics to work first and started the game from Steam without any mods at all (all deselected at Steam start option "Data files"). The game starts but I still can't save, or change scene (go indoors, travel). Same thing if I load an old Save before QAYL. Help!

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Okay I feel silly now.. I can Save again after I started from SKSE with all mods disabled. Everything seems to work, expect there's log text appearing upper left corner: "Latency test result" and a counter for ms. Guess that will disappear after I re-install Sexlab.


Lesson learned: never start from Steam! I thought that was the 'purest' way of starting but I guess I was wrong. Thanks for the pointer!

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