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Vampires not recognizing you as a vampire bug

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So I'm sure many people know about the vampire lord transformation bug where you transform and do the tutorial and everything seems fine, yet when you go into the main hall everyone says stuff like "morsel" and "meat" and other non-vampire threatening statements. Firstly before anyone has a go at me for posting this as I know there are other threads for this, just realize that I have looked (for ages) and they all just end with the problem unsolved. Basically from what I can tell many people think it is a problem to do with custom races however I don't believe it is as I am not using a custom race for my current play through, just a Nord, yet I still get the bug. I use Better Vampires and have the Unofficial Dawnguard patch as well as Better Vampire Lord Transformation installed. The best suggestion I've seen so far is that its something to do with the factions. If anyone actually knows what this bug is or has any ideas I would really appreciate any help as I really like the vampire quest line and better vampire changes however this bug has already ruined several play troughs and I REALLY want to fix it


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Usually, I fix it by opening the console and typing


"setplayerrace [race]racevampire"


(for instance "setplayerrace nordracevampire")


If that doesn't work, I use a mod that reset the vampire state, re-infect myself and then uses the above command (mods that can hep you there: "Better vampires", "leveler's tower")

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Alright, adding the keyword vampire to my character does works so thank you very much for that but I now have the problem with vampires being ugly. Does anyone have any recommendations of a mod that makes being a vampire not change your face. I used to have one but I had a clean install of Skyrim and all my mods and I cant find it again so now vampires look old and ugly :).





Found one http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/58139/?

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