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Armor Issue, pieces not appearing

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Hey all,

Have a strange issue with one specific set of armor, Emfy's Cleric robes.  I gave them to Lydia, (don't judge, I like her), and using AFT set it to be her standard armor.  She equips every piece I gave her, but for some reason her skirt will not show on her.  According to her inventory, it's equipped, but it's definitely not appearing on her.  Not that I really mind seeing her run around in a chain mail panty, but still would like to know what causes this.  So far, this is the only outfit this happens with.  Thanks in advance for any information.

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If I had the Emfy Cleric Robes,


I'd uncompress the zip to a work folder.


From there I would search around the meshes folder looking for the skirt mesh and check out the BSdismemberment Slot parameters with Nifskope (free program)


Also I'd fire up the esp with TesVedit ( free )


In edit I would find the SkirtAA header in "ArmorAddon" catagory

Looking for

First Person Flags or was it 3rd person don't have it open in front of me....


Anyway your looking to check and see that the slots are both the same.  In some cases they are not actually set up properly, popular armor mods sometimes have mistakes just like this.


There is of course the of chance that another mod is preventing the item from being shown.


Example DDi Device Hider has by default certain slots forced to hiden in its device hider menu.

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