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Help with setting up CK to compile scripts in MO


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I've recently reinstalled Skyrim to switch to MO with the help of the various guides floating around, but I've run into a hiccup with trying to make the Creation Kit's compiler to run as a 32-bit application. According to the STEP guide, I needed to get the .NET Framework 4.5.1 SDK, but it seems it no longer installs in the same way as the guide says. The folder it installs is now called "Windows Kits" and nothing in there matches the directories the guide has nor can I find any corflags.exe in there. What do I need to do to get this done now that the SDK package is different?

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Alright, so after some more digging, my problem was because the wiki told me I only needed the .NET development kit so I only selected that one, but I had to install everything in order to get the directories specified in the steps. So we actually need more than just the .NET kit.

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