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Error with Animations, voices in sexlab, and a few of the Devious Devices mods.

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Alright so when I play I seem to have a few issues when I play.

This is the load order I'm using. 




So basically what I'm facing, is that dD Enchanted chests, Devious Traps, Cursed loot, and Estrus are the only things that seem to work. 

Estrus' various animations work, and the Arousal animations for Plugs in Devious Devices run just fine.
However, when an enemy has taken a knee and I have the option to rape them with Defeat, I either take their clothes off and just stand there for a few seconds, or I just stand there for a few seconds, sans clothes removal.

When I run into a bandit lair and surrender with Defeat, they generally force me into a cowering position where I can't move or do much of anything. Sometimes they remove my armor, sometimes not. Then they just stand there for a good five to ten seconds before they start attacking me again, but I'm still in the Cower position and can't do anything. Not to mention they don't do anything with the Devious Devices mods I have installed for enslavement or auto-rape.
I attempted to see if Necrophilia would work, the body comes to life for about three seconds then dies and the ragdoll slingshots across the room.

Animals seem to be doing the same thing as bandits.

If anyone could help me that'd be greatly appreciated.

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