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Sera's Armor Variant ported from DAI


mmkay, so this is a product of weight painting training me been doing in 3dsMax, its kinda hard to do in that sofware honestly when you doesnt get used to it very well :C


me decided to stop halfway because me working on something else. if me ever finished the weights and _1 , me update it here.


me put it here as a modder resources and also you can plug it to MO/NMM for testing it.


Note :

There's a minor issue in weights for the pelvis area, also in the gear area.., and sleeve area because it lack vertices when having it weight on the optimized version when DAI comes out, probie weight it in a more raw high poly version would be better ._.




7 Parts of the armor separately :


a. Top (sbp 32)

b. Gloves and wristpad (sbp 33)

c. Stockings (both inner and outer) (sbp 49)

d. innercloth + gear (sbp 60)

e. kneepad (sbp 48)

f. boots (sbp 37)

e. Sleeves left and right (sbp 34)


There are 2 textures in texture folder, the one assigned to the armor are the black ones, the one used in screenshot are white ones.


Type help "Sera" or "Sera's"

or you can forge it under steel category.


Thankies (^ω^)


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Hey I joined the site to download this armor I love it so much! I'm an absolute ding-dong though and my character's body disappears whenever I try to equip the armor.  I went through my folders and it looks the same as the other manually installed mods I have so I'm not sure what I need to do to make it work.


  I'm a spoiled nexus baby and I've troubleshot as far as I know how - any help would be amazing!

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hello reenana, i am not a modder at all,but i fooled around with the textures from your beautiful mod in paint.net , if you ever going to finish this mod maybe you could my take in consideration,i think the colors a more  matching like this, at least I like it this way,hope one day you,ll finish the mod.






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Looks Great. Downloaded the mod and installed with the black armor textures you included. It looks like every piece of armor has a texture, but when i get in the game parts of the textures show up and the rest seem to be missing? They're just a grey mesh and I'm not sure how to go about fixing it. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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