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  1. It looks nice but same problem here. i am curious, was it intend to replace all skin face types? i removed all markings and makeup on face and body, but problem remain. but i still use previous version, could be cause? not sure! other i can think that body and face share some same texture to avoid neck seam, but then you would also see problem...
  2. Thank you! Thank you as well, awkward, i am still only in region three, so i never come across yet
  3. About this picture, where is it from? I think i remember somebody post this or similar edit, with part of pants on side missing, but looked through all pages and can no longer find it :C
  4. Mods can also "conflict" without error, look here: Hope this helps
  5. Thank you very much both! That file works great! Only problem is i still don't quite understand the problem, how can i fix myself, for example for thief that still don't work until i use shinobi robe invisible? Can anyone explain again for idiot?
  6. Okay, i am more then confused. I just add the invisible shinobi robe mod from https://www.nexusmods.com/nioh2/mods/23 now when i enable it, ferryman and thief work! if i disable, they no longer work but here is REAALLY even more strange thing! it also happen when i don't even wear shinobi top! shinobi mod enable: shinobi mod disable: maybe anyone know what even is going on 😄
  7. I love this, sadly for me, it only works when i enable motion blur 😮 Can you fix if you find time?
  8. Thank you, but please do not spend to much time! I start to get used to it, it is only strange they add so many option to configure things but did not add a more immersive HUD option, i was hoping maybe there was "easy" way to do it, if not it really is no big problem
  9. I feel there should be a way to hide only parts of HUD probably? i tried edit some parts of "HUD Toggle" in d3dx.ini but no success, i would love a way to hide everything but top left HUD (remove map, remove stance, remove favorite, only have HP/KI/Anima display active) Maybe anyone smarter than me can point me in right direction?
  10. Thank you everyone who made this great tool, and everyone who made mod yet! I have to ask a thing: In the launcher (not the game), open settings (2nd button from the top) and change everything to the left-most option (lower quality options are known not to work). What does it mean? Is it left over from Nioh 1, because Nioh 2 does not have launcher, if i can tell? And second, i can only run low shadow to get at least 30 frame on my bad card, so probably, this say that "Shadows" mod will not work? I did try it i game with button Shift F2 but coul
  11. Thank you very much for fix the furniture!!! Sadly i finally got the "master leaves you in place" event again, this time Windhelm, it start great with aroused animation intended for the pose, but it will then turn into aroused animatons that breaks pose again. It is probably a problem of using old DD still, can anyone else using old DD, not 5.0, if they have same problem? Also very small suggestion, if maybe more people use Sexlab Survival also, the position in Windhelm is next to Toll Guards, and they always force greet, which will break the quest a bit, maybe another position wou
  12. Do you use LE or SE? In LE, i can not confirm the problem, it work fine for me
  13. Wow you are so fast! Those raccoon really make you work? 😅 I can also tell you, whatever was issue is now fix for me, everything work great, thank youuuuu!
  14. It is great to see somebody who seem to have really fun creating conversion and also have great humor It is not great when people like me only comment when they have problem 😪 I download sailor guardian, small problem was that the sailor moon costume do not seem to work correctly for me in bodyslide, all other work, bigger problem is that in game, the body armor is still using original UNPBO meshes, i do not know why, correct meshes are there, maybe an error in esp? And Or because original did not use _0 and _1 nif but only single nif?
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