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Clipping issues with an outfit

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Hi! I experience an issue with some of my outfits (Killer Keos with added TBBP and BellyScale support on custom body)

My guess is that I need to add some bones to this outfits, but I have no idea which ones. I have only added breasts, butt and belly bones to the outfit right now.


This clippings are not constant but constantly subside and increase, as my character breathes.


In this images you can see clipping issues in breast area, while some other outfits have issues in other areas, like back.


What can I do? Thank you very much in advance!




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You probably did not also add weights to the body that is implanted into the outfit.


I've actually seen people release like armor conversions as TBBP but they didn't put weights on the body so clippings everywhere.


I wouldn't do a copy all weights cause well its "proximity based" a lot of ppl don't clean up weights with the provided brush tool guess it takes time and practice but it pays off.


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