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[REQUEST] UNPB Conversion


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I come to you in my hour of desperate need.

Basically what I thought would be a very simplistic conversion turned out to be a nightmare.

The mod in question: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/12880/


I tried both Outfit Studio and NifScope to no gain. Outfit Studio crashes upon attempting to load the .nif files and NifScope is incapable of increasing the size of the mesh to avoid clipping.

I obviously also forgot to state why I'm making this request; The mesh is designed for UNP Skinny and as a user of UNPB it created no end of clipping. I also managed to enable the armor slot's appearance in first-person mode but I noticed even with UNP Skinny the clipping would not cease in first-person mode.

My respect for the various legends and modders on this forum knows no bounds and I would never come to expect someone to fully do what I ask, but I would truly appreciate at least a nudge in the right direction. Would increasing the size of the mesh work? Could for example 3dsmax perform such a task? I'm obviously not very experienced, but I'm willing to learn and try.


Thanks for your time!

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um actually as far as me know, bodyslide and outfit studio is capable to convert already , also fix clippings.

if you feel dont know what do with bodyslide, there is a details on how to do it here  c:

bodyslide seems to have a mechanism to copy weights too, so if you feel lost you can ask for questions over there, or over here possibly ? 



if you have a 3dsmax already, you just need to download the nif plugin for it here, then start working c:




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