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skyui issue


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I have reinstalled my skyrim recently, and tried to get mods. it looked all well, no issues from nmm during installation, but when i actually started playing, i found out that mcm does not show up. At first, i thought that my skse was not working, but getskseversion returned the version properly. Moreover, i loaded one of the old saves, i had from my original installation and all the menus were original rather then skyui. Interestingly, mods that have skyui as a prerequisite(sexlab, skyui away) have no problem installing, they just don't work. I reinstalled skyrim again and only installed unofficial patches, skse(works, checked via the getskseversion) skyui and realistic needs (i am unsure if mcm will show up without it) but skyui still does not work. Just in case, mods that do not rely on skyui(cbbe for example) work fine.

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Yes to both. i use  nexus mod manager.   In plagins it shows skyui.esp active(ticked) and the launcher is explicedly launch skse. Besides, i did some experimenting, and if i use TES. exe , getskseversion returns an error instead of a version, but skyui does not work even when proper launcher is used and getskseversion works.

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Sound like you screwed something up reinstall SKSE maybe it should load if it is ticked and the bsa is in the proper location, try setting SKSE to run as administrator.


Also make sure to run the skyrimlauncher.exe so it generates your ini files.

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