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SexLab Compatibility

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I took a look around the site, but couldn't find anything to answer my question, so I thought i'd ask directly.


I'm interested in installing SexLab in my next Skyrim playthrough, but I also enjoy using a bunch of other non-adult mods. My question is about how well SexLab gets along with most other mods out there. Is it generally a lightweight thing that doesn't conflict with things like Amazing Follower Tweaks, Dual Sheath Redux, etc, or would a SexLab playthrough basically be restricted to the mods found on this site? A list of the major mods that are know to be compatible would be awesome, but if there isn't one, can anyone say which kinds of mods are most likely to interefere?

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Hello, SexLab is pretty lightweight, very well coded, and does not interfere with other mods.

It is pretty safe. But keep in mind it is just a framework. Alone does pretty nothing.


You need other mods that will use SexLab to actually play the sex animations.

Other mods can be light or extremely heavy.


If you want just try you can use Sexlab MatchMaker to just try a sexanimation.

For a lightweight mod just for oral sex you can try my Oral Only.

SexLab Aroused is another favorite but is medium weight.

SexLab Defeat is medium weight.

JUGS is another lightweight mod for breastfeeding (and requires Non-Sexlab Animation Pack)


Just follow your taste to find the mods you may like most.


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