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Conversions Help Needed

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Dear Forum of happy goodness,


                      I have recently acquired Nikitia's sexy bikini mod, love it to death but, I have slfc cbbe hdt body, I want to convert her bikini's to my body slide body i use and make it body slide compatible. I read her or his description page pretty thoroughly and know that it is not to be uploaded by any means but I really want to convert it for my personal use and cant figure out how to convert it then have it available in my game. Please note I have practically no modding experience so if you are gonna explain thank you very very much but break it down as if your talking to your local idiot. I also want to convert Asian boys recent update of his Tera armors but dont know how so this would be great. as I state again im a modding idiot but I can learn. Thank you very much for any help that you might give. Maybe if I ask Nikitia nicely he or she will alow me to send that conversion to him or her so the mod author can post it and share a CBBE Hdt body slide bikini mu hahahaha. Oh her or his mods is CBBEPU or push up cbbe.

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