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Adding Bodies to BodyChange


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I want to test out a couple bodies without having to constantly deactivate and activate mods in MO. So I installed BodyChange. However, there are a couple issues with adding bodies that I am unfamiliar with as I'm not a modder. 


I realized that many Body Replacers come with extra Meshes and Textures files not specified by BodyChange. There are also animations that have been packaged for body replacers such as UN7B and SevenBase.


My question is: How can I add the new CBBE 3.4B, SevenBase and UN7B to BodyChange?


Is it possible or is this mod outdated?

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Bodychange never accounts for alternate animations as its intention is to swap between bodies specifically. It accepts meshes and textures that are directly related to the body, hands, feet, and head of the base character. Any body replacements that require specialized skeletons/animations may be incompatible, depending on what skeleton you are currently using.

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Bodychange comes stock with slots for 9 different bodies. Simply open your data\meshes\BodyChange\CustomSet whichever and paste the nif data into the set. Author just plunked CBBE in the sets to fill them up. Just overwrite them with what you want.


Then data\textures\BodyChange same set for the dds textures.


Then data\interface\translations\BodyChangeENGLISH.txt, go to the bottom and add your text to the selected $CustomShape line. What you wrote now shows up in the  MCM menu.

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