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SL and Facial Expressions

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It appears that my entities aren't getting facial expressions to work under SL.  I understand that there exists F.E.P., but the way I understand that mod is that it just allows for facial poses when standing idle, and that Mfg is what actually has the data for how to morph the faces.


I know that facial expressions broke in TFC on the 1.9 patch.  I did some research on the toggle options as well for MFG/Lip Sync and have MFG enabled with Lip Sync off.  That said, even without TFC on, characters do not make any facial expression changes.


I have Mfg console installed and SL 1.59c and just Romance.  I'm using XPMSE, CBBE Bodyslide HDT, ECE and RM concurrently for head nif support and body adjustments.  Otherwise I've got nothing else installed that would conflict with anything pertaining to body or head shapes.


Thanks for the help!

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I use the non-animated face expressions for Sexlab,


Hardly any issue's.


Sometimes I might get a character with a stuck face but having sex again resets the expression.


Disable Enable via consul tends to reset this as well.


Hmm, might be that you have an old esp in your game cause honestly this stuff works again these days.

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