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My wife is very...vanilla


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Apologies in advance because I don't know exactly which mod is doing this. Maybe Sexlab Romance?


Anyway, I married Brelyna Maryon. When I go to talk to her at home, I can say "Thinking any dirty thoughts?" When she says "Yes" then I get a whole menu of options: "Let's do something relaxing," "How about we try some new techniques? It'll be fun," "Want to try something with just our mouths?," "I think we could put other parts of our bodies to good use," "I was thinking...perhaps we could try something with our 'other' hole," "I'd like to live out some of our fantasies," "Think you can take a little pain?," "How would you feel about including someone else?," and "On second thought, perhaps later." If I select "Let's do something relaxing" she agrees to have sex, but she doesn't want to do any of the other options if I select them. How can I fix this?

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You are using spouses enhanced right?


You have to raise affection towards your wife... At the start its on level 1. In order to unlock level 2 to you need to have that gentle sex 7 times in 7 different day. Level 3 takes 5 days and so on. Theres also affection override in MCM menu where you can set up the affection level yourself.


It takes some time to get unlock that threesome option, as it was purpose of spouses enhanced, making married life worthwhile.

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