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Characters Don't undress during sexlab animations.

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Ok, so first of all, i just want to say that i do not have a log for papyrus, i have followed the guide to get the log, but it didn't generate. if you can help me with this to start off with i'll be able to actually supply a log for my main problem, which is:


the characters (both PC and NPC) do not undress themselves when a sexlab animation is started, i've tried with a few different scenarios, and in each one they didn't take their clothes off, or well, in one they sorta did, with the khajiit, his chest and some of his legs dissapeared, showing only his, uh, schlong, the animations work just fine, but everyone is fully clothed or missing half of their bodies.


any and all help is appreciated, if you can help me with the papyrus log problem first i can get you the log for my main problem, very sorry about that.

thank you.

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