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Animation troubles

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I've recently reinstalled my Fallout NV and i wanted to try our the new Sexout version. I've already done it in the past and everything was working fine but this time, my character doesn't play the animation. So i thought maybe i missed something new and i uninstalled everything to get a fresh clean.

I've followed the guide and installed every single requirement for Sexout and the SexAssault mod, yet the animations only work for npcs attempting to rape me, while my character stands still. I'm not using any race mod at the moment and like i said i have every requirement, including the skeleton.

Any idea on why it's not working?

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My current load order is:


The Mod Configuration Menu.esp
And yes, i have triple checked every requirements for both Sexout and SexAssault. Like i said the animation don't work just for my character, while they works fine for the npc raping me. I thought it was gonna be a skeleton problem but i downloaded even the older versions of it and still doesn't play the animation for my char.
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