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Terrible super bright light / pure white? Not sure what is causing it


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Post 3 has pictures.


At this point I have narrowed it down to a problem that is being caused by a script being applied to my character after a certain point (why it doesnt happen in older or clean saves).


I'm not sure what it is but I think it might be from frostfall or RND. Even though I am a vampire and had frostfall turned off it seems as thought one of those mods had applied a script to add some kind of filter/vision to my game that got progressively worse as time went on to the point where it is in the picture below.


So I guess my question now is, can I salvage my current save game? Or am I going to have to go back to save before this occured?

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Something happens sometimes when I first start up skyrim, the ENB makes everything super white (pic related), but it goes away as soon as I leave the cell and never returns unless I restart skyrim. It's annoying but I can live with it.





Now when I walk outside as a vampire with ENB on my game looks like this...




As you can see everything is super bleak and the sky is just a white bloom.


Without ENB it looks like this...





At the same spot with a non vampire character (older save, might not be tied to vampirism) it looks like this...




Which is what I would like it to look like on my vampire character.



Edit: Used a console command to remove vampirism from my character. Waited 24 hours inside a house then moved outside and it is still weirdly bright. Turning off ENB I get this...




What is causing this terrible whiteness?



If I revert back to an older save (before I even started dawngaurd) At the same location with ENB turned off the game looks fine...





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So maybe you should just turn off or reinstall/reset the ENB?


The problem is not with ENB, but with a mod that applies some kind of script that creates the super bright effect. Like frostfall, RND, Vampire overhauls. The script is broken/glitched and ruining the save. At least im 90% sure that is what is going on.


I've decided to rollback to an older save where the problem doesn't exist, and I will be uninstalling frostfall, RND, and Better Vampires, as well as taking the dawnguard route and avoid becoming a vampire. And then I'm gonna pray to God that the problem doesn't show itself again.

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