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Some thoughts on CK.


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I was trying recently to create a custom race from scratch by figuring out how other people do it and following some basic instructions I found online. All I have to say is what a freaking mess. Especially while dealing with head parts. Windows full of strange boxes with deprecated values and various templates/objects located god knows where, with loosely defined relationships, purpose of which is to simply contain what could be defined by a simple piece of formatted text. God forbid all of that crap could be parsed from an XML file or a text format of their choosing. At least people can comment that and create concise and usable templates that can be copy pasted and edited at ones leisure. Not to mention you have to drag same shit around 10 times in a row because CK decides to crash yet again. Because why? Because fuck you that is why. First you need to learn to press ok before and after you move the mouse and/or change a single character.  They should keep object window, cell editor, get something like Angelscript for the sake of everyone including themselves and fuck everything else.



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