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Game Freezes. Hitting 3.1 GB Limit? Troubles with ENB?


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Hello everyone,


after several days of testing i think i found out I'm hitting the 3.1 Gig limit.


First question because I didnt found an answer to this. Does the ENB process count towards the 3.1 GB limit or is the limit just for the TESV.exe? If its calculated seperatly my problem lies somewhere else, but if not i think i hit the Ram limit.


Assuming it is calculated together I have some questions:


Currently I'm using the Vividian ENB and it uses nearly 2GB Ram. Isnt that a little bit much? Switching to the Performance Vividian Version made almost no difference.

With my TESV.exe using also around above 1GB I think i hit the cap.


But maybe I start with what Skyrim is doing. Indoors everythings fine (ENB doesnt use so much RAM also) but when I go outside (e.G. Falkreach) my game freezes. Not always at the same spot, sometime i can move a bit more and sometimes a bit less. Turning ENB ingame off i can walk around freely. Didnt test it so much but I came much further.

When it freezes I cant do anything, but the sound is still playing normal. I have to CRTL-ALT-DEL out. In the task manager often the TESV.exe is still working and not "not responding", but sometimes i get the error "TESV isnt working [...]" before i press CRTL-ALT-DEL.


Right now I'm fairly clueless what to do. Is It really the RAM Limit or something else? Does the ENB really uses up to 2 GB (perhaps more if it wouldnt freeze)?


I dont think it a problem with my machine, it should be fast enough

Core i5

20GB Ram

R9 290

Game and Mods installed on a SSD


Quick overview over my installed Mods:

Skyrim Revisted + REGS + PerMa

several LL mods


without the LL mods i think i had no problems, but i didnt test it so extensively (running around and trying to force CTDs). Then i started to install LL mods and i had CTDs issues, which i think i resolved by now but somehow I'm running into the Cap now :(...

Papyrus log is not so helpful, its just showing the last things skyrim was doing before running into the cap. many "creature isnt registered" log from the creature framework but those shouldnt be a problem i read. SkSE memory patch is also installed in case you are wondering...


Any help is appreciated :)


Thank you


PS: i didnt include my load order because its more or less the load order from Skyrim Revisted from the STEP page... with some LL mods afterwards and some in between which need to be further up...


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Ok I think i found the problem.


First i completely reinstalled Vividian ENB and ENB from scratch with this tutorial and set up ENBoost accordingly:


Didnt help so much but when i logged my memory blocks i found the culprit. Despite sacrificing my first born to Sheson Skyrim didnt allocate more Memory. I had no idea why because I think i set up everything correctly but after i tried installing the SSME - Skyrim Startup Memory Editor (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/50305/?) everything worked fine. Now i can sprint around without problems and musnt fear to press esc or tab.


maybe useful for other people with similar problems. Before installing SSME I had to run Safety load otherwise I would get infinite loading screens. This should have been my first indicator that the "sheson patch" isnt working correctly because it should have made safety load obsolete. If anyone else is experiencing similar issue maybe check if skse with sheeson is working correctly.


So thank you Youwish1. Without the hint to log my memory Blocks i would have never thought of SKSE not working as intended. I guess I have to sacrifice my second born to you now :D



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Didnt help so much but when i logged my memory blocks i found the culprit. Despite sacrificing my first born to Sheson Skyrim didnt allocate more Memory. I had no idea why because I think i set up everything correctly

Just for info sheson's memory patch does the same thing as skyrim startup memory editor and savety load it allocates more memory for the startup it allocates 512mb for the first block and 256mb for the second block if you exceed why ever this limit you can simply change the value in your skse.ini


256mb for both blocks is standard so if you set it up correctly it has to work there is no such thing as it dosent allocate memory when the pharses are filled correctly


Just to make shesons patch clear for people who use the search function (which are like 0% since this questions appears daylie)


1. Download and install SKSE 1.7.1 (or newer)

2. Go to Steam/steamapps/common/Skyrim/Data and see if you have a SKSE folder with an SKSE.ini file inside. If you do, add these values to SKSE.ini:







defaultHeapInitialAllocMB=768 <- first block + second block which is allway 256mb so if you need more add the value you need + 256mb for the second block



If you don't have an SKSE.ini file, create one using the editor

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Well the Point of my Answer was, that the Memory Patch didnt work for me because I had the correct Skyrim.ini and Safety Load did also not allocate more memory than 256 MB... But it worked with SSME...



FInal Report: After playing/testing yesterday a bit more, Skyrim runs much more stable. I have now maybe one CTD every couple of hours and not like one every couple of minutes. Thats perfectly fine with me so far... Maybe sometime I try to check whats causing these CTDs but those are not or badly reproducable because they happen not at the same time/place...



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