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[SKYRE] Spawned Enchanted Items


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Items that spawn with the Minor Speed enchant is still called Boots/Armor/Helm of Minor Alchemy. 

Disenchanting the item reveals that it is still the Speed Enchant, but the name remains.

I have checked in TES5Edits and the magic effects and such have all been changed. 

But I am unsure as to what is causing this. 

I have checked the Reproccer, Wintermyst compatibility patches and Bash Patches and it shows that the enchants and items names are all correctly edited. 

However, in-game items names revert back to Alchemy. 

Any help would be appreciated, I have little knowledge as to the mechanics of how items are spawned. 

I suspect from some sort of formlist but those take references from the above which should already be correctly edited. 

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