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What are the Sexiest Followers / NPCs (UNPB compatable)


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Any follower can have any body if you just manually put a body nif in their respective mod folder(unless the follower is designed to take on default female body)


awesome. can you explain so more?



custom followers generally have all the mods in a standalone folder(easiest seen through Mod Organizer as it keeps each mod seperate). A custom follower will usually have the following:


nifs for all body parts(so that it doesnt use the default nifs)

Textures according to that said body normal

included hair specifically for that mod

usually a facegeom/tint file for the facial features

meshes and nifs for any armor if it comes with the mod.




in order to change the body, theres the hard coded way, and the soft coded way. the Hard coded way is simply just swapping the body mesh from the mod to another by file transfer (literally, if you read the Hikari mod thread, the mod owner directly states hes not making more body download types because changing the body is easy, litterally implied by the first info on the FAQ)



Any other body supports?
No, it's pretty easy to change her body yourself.


the softcoded way would simply be using a mod like psuniversalbodychange and force the body change in game



Just note though, if you do change body types, you may or may not have to change textures. E.g if you switch to a UNP body type ot a CBBE based one, you have to change textures, but switching from unp, to unpb for instance wouldn't need the texture change.

becuase of this, you dont have to play the game with only 1 body type, just keep note that if you do use another body type, download some standalone clothing for said follower for the body type you are using.
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