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JSMRG: Visual Improvements Draft


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JSMRG stands for Jazzby's Skyrim Mod Recommendations Guide. Wow, that's long. Okay, I am literally just copy/pasting stuff from a rich text file and then adding in spoilers I guess to separate sections maybe. I've been working for about a week on this on and off, and by that I really mean I spent an hour here and there. I probably spent more time on some of the inclusions here than others, but anyway, this is a rough draft. Of one section.


I actually plan to expand it to covering a lot of things Skyrim modding. But for now, this is the most complete main section I've planned to cover. There are actually two others, but for the timebeing I am on and off adding to and working them out to make sure I have bases covered, those two being MESA(Magic, Enchanting, Shouts, and Alchemy), and Daily Life, which more or less is meant to cover how alive, populated, realistic, Skyrim feels. The former looks great except I feel like it could use more in the alchemy area, and the latter feels too incomplete in a particular area. I'll probably get those done up more and put them up later on.


Right, so, in all my lazy glory, here we go:



Intro and Big Packs


Another attempt at detailing things, potential order of mods: My current system is something to help me keep a mental checklist as I go. First, the big packs, then the sections in order, then from there. For example, in Weapons, Clothes, and Armor, I do things in order of base game, Dawnguard, then Dragonborn, and take care of unique items first, then overall retextures of non-unique sets.


GENERAL OPINION: To my knowledge, Konahrik's Accoutrements retextures all of the masks, hoods, and robes. TO MY KNOWLEDGE. This is just a heads up for any Dragon Priest mask and robe retextures listed, it's recommended to add them after KA if you want to use them. I’m likely handling them in a separate section anyway, for the most part.


Anything that needs to be or is recommended installed before SMIM. According to the description for the mod itself, the main known ones are:

Ruins Clutter Improved: Ruins Clutter Improved is a retexturing project, which covers some of the ugliest objects in the dungeons of Skyrim. It improves the visual experience of catacombs and ruins by adding more detail to common clutter like pots, sconces, candles, doors and many other stuff.


SkyFalls and SkyMills: Animated distant waterfalls and mills


WATER or Realistic Water Two: Improvements to the game's water, choose either


Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade




Ultimate HD Fire Effects: Highly detailed redo of fire effects, but was designed more for ENB than not


SMIM - http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/8655/?

Short version, edits many 3D models to improve their appearance and to fix many of the ugly seams and other oddities. An overhaul that makes a lot of things look less clunky in the vanilla game. I’ve tested this out myself and the full version of it runs pretty well even on low end rigs.


Skyrim Ultra HD Texture Pack - See tesgeneral

Skyrim HD - 2k Textures - http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/607/?

Not sure if order matters here. They both cover a lot of things and are really good at what they cover. In particular, Skyrim Ultra HD Texture Pack has retextures for Ysgramor's Shield, the Jagged Crown, the Sanguine Rose, Blades weapons and armor, Falmer weapons and armor, and Forsworn weapons and armor.


aMidianBorn Book of Silence - http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/24909/?

General texture overhaul that affects armor across fur, hide and studded, leather, iron, steel, elven, dwarven, steelplate, scaled, orcish, glass, and ebony tiers, as well as ancient nord, blades, wolf, and falmer armor, and nordic carved and bonemold armor in the Dragonborn DLC, and iron, steel, dwarven, orcish, skyforge, silver, draugr, and staff weapons. It also covers almost a dozen artifacts/unique items, a few dragon priest masks, and a good assortment of creatures main game and Dragonborn. One of the best things about this mod is that it combines aMidianborn Skyforge Weapons, Differently Ebony, Glass Variants, and various other texture variations by Cabal. The full list is:

Skyforge weapons now have a unique appearance that sets them apart from regular steel weapons

Adds the missing Skyforge weapons (mace, warhammer, bow, arrows)

Three types of Ebony armor: standard, silver, and gold

Two types of Elven armor: standard, and Thalmor (black)

Three types of Glass armor: standard, Thalmor, and Steel (Morrowind style)

Two types of Wolf armor: brown and grey fur

Three types of Nordic armor: with black fur, brown fur, and white fur

Three types of Iron armor: standard, fine, and engraved

Two types of Steel armor: standard and white fur

Items have been added as both craftable variations and distributed throughout the world

Ability to convert the Savior's Hide into alternate variations with black or white fur

Fully compatible with Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade, includes breakdown recipes, and will    respond to all crafting options and menu toggles available through CCO.

Just for reference, the artifacts and uniques it covers are: Ebony Mail, Helm of Yngol, Mehrunes Razor, Mace of Molag Bal, Savior's Hide, Staff of Magnus, Targe of the Blooded, Tsun's Armor, Volendrung, and Wuuthrad. As this is a help guide somewhat akin to tesgeneral, I will provide occasional good looking second options, but most of my work on artifacts, uniques, and items in general will be to get at least one solid option for each in.


EotW Dawnguard DLC Textures Remastered - http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/51947/?

Large texture overhaul for most things Dawnguard. Honestly, you could even consider this a large batch/pack mod of its own, which is why it's listed among the larger mods. This mod covers:

- Dawnguard armors and weapons

- Vampire armors, clothes and Harkon's sword

- Snow Elf Armor, bow, quiver and shield of Auriel

- Moth priest robe

- statue and shrine of Auriel

- armored trolls, Dawnguard dogs and Vampire dogs

- Dragonbone weapons

- creatures of the Forgotten Vale

- Aetherial shield and staff

- tons of other misc stuff


Note: One easy way to get around what to use without just overwriting everything is to get the essentials and character creation stuff you want, make your character, then use “coc qasmoke” and look into the item containers. Maybe even pull stuff like armor and weapons out and see how they look on you. If you like one retexture more than the other, then you can just not overwrite that. This would be time consuming, but it’s the best idea I have beyond just “overwrite everything and do it in the order of 2k, Ultra HD, Book of Silence, then Dawnguard Remastered” for figuring what you want out. The differences in retextures the first three all cover aren’t too big anyway, there’s tons of stuff covered in any one that the others don’t completely touch, and I honestly prefer Cabal’s retextures for armor and weapons.




Creatures and Enemies:


aMidianborn Book of Silence covers Draugr, Dragon Priests, Skeletons, Falmer, Chaurus, and Spriggans in the base game, and Ash Spawns, Ash Guardians, Hulking Draugr, and Dragon Priest Acolytes in Dragonborn.

Skyrim Ultra HD Texture Pack covers a lot of various creatures all over the place, including Fire Atronachs, Giants, Horkers, Storm Atronachs, Mammoths, and Alduin himself, and even some things like the werebears in Dragonborn. You may want to use some of what this offers with what other mods do.

EotW Dawnguard Remastered covers most of Dawnguard’s nonhuman enemies.

Human enemies such as Thalmor, bandits, whatever, are exempt as all things body related are covered in the “Body Stuff” main section. What’s there and in the “Weapons, Clothes, and Armor” subsection of Visual Enhancements is all that’s really needed to make them look better. Well, and an ENB and the console, for you photo shooters out there.

In fact, I keep having a form of writer’s block on this section because memory serves that most of the things you fight in Skyrim are people. Aside from the wildlife, undead, evil falmer, ancient Dwemer machines, and dragons, the majority of your enemies are in the form of bandits, Thalmor, enemy soldiers, and the like. Even in the DLCs, vampires and cultists, that stuff. So this just covers some basics and obvious ones, and there seems to be even less that I need to cover with what’s covered by the batch packs.


Bellyache’s Animal and Creature Pack: Covers most creatures in the base game’s wildlife, including mammoths, sabrecats, mudcrabs, etc, and adds variety to them.

83Willow’s 101 Bugs: Covers bugs, and adds more to the game with more alchemy ingredients, but I chose to put it here because it helps make things feel more full of different kinds of life.

UHD Dragons: Covers base game dragons except Alduin.

Skyrim Realistic Texture Overhaul dragons 4K-8K: 2k-4k and 4k-8k full detailed retexture of Skyrim’s dragons. Also includes 1k retexture of the dragon bone and scale items(that’s items, not weapons/armor), an option to remove the glow on Alduin, and support for “Bellyaches New Dragon Species”, “Deadly Dragons”, Dragon lordsv3”, “Enhanced Mighty Dragons”, “Jills of Akatosh”, “The New Dragons”, and Wyrmstooth.

Opinion: Definitely try out SRTO if your rig can handle it.

Wisp Mother Retexture: More beautiful retexture of Wisp Mother

Wisp Mother HD Retexture - Quartz Atronach: More gruesome retexture of Wisp Mother, with optional summon spell

Opinion: Personal preference. If you want a captivating ‘trickster’ of a ghost, first one, normal horrifying, second.

Netch and Silt Strider HD 2k: Covers Netches and Silt Striders in Dragonborn


Magic and Lighting: Magic first, then lighting stuff

Alternate Summoning Visuals: I was originally gonna put this under MESA(Magic, Enchanting, Shouts, and Alchemy), but once I actually started fleshing out this subsection I moved it. It changes the typical loud and noticeable purple orb all summon spells use into a more subtle, yet still very arcane effect, and it stays pretty too.

Burn Freeze Shock Effects: Covers all three basics, fire, frost, and shock. Applies different effects to the bodies of enemies you hit with spells of the three basic elements. For fire and shock, having the second rank of the augment perk causes the meat of animals to be replaced by their cooked versions and the lack of a pelt, as it has been burned away. Compatible with mods that modify spells, perks, and vanilla assets. Intentionally does not affect enemies among dragons, dwarven, familiars, ghosts, atronachs(any type), dragon priests, skeletons, icewraiths, wisps, wispshades, and witchlights, for the purpose of realism. Skeletons are affected by the frost effects, but not fire or shock, and Dwemer machines are affected by the sparks of shock effects, but nothing else.

Deadly Spell Impacts: Causes spells to affect terrain in a similar manner to BFS causing spells to affect enemies and their corpses. High version not recommended for less powerful rigs.

ELECTRIFY: A great attempt to make the electric effects of Skyrim’s spells actually look more like electricity. It makes it more subtle, and in bright lighting even hard to notice, but it changes the textures used in shock based spells to something that looks less impressive in size like the vanilla game’s large tendrils of lightning, and more realistic like you’re actually shooting raw electricity at your target.

Ultimate HD Fire Effects: Similar to ELECTRIFY, Ultimate HD Fire Effects is an overhaul of fire. Also affects things like campfires and candles, which is nice, and some magic related things like Flame Atronachs and fire runes. The only remote issue is it was designed to look better with ENBs, not without. Still great. Probably not for less powerful rigs though.

Magic Runes HD: Detailed retextures of the runes in the base game and Dragonborn, covering Fire, Ice, Lightning, Frenzy, Ash, and Poison altogether, with two variations to choose from. If you want the rune from UHDF above instead, then just do this first and overwrite it.




Misc Objects:



Book Covers Skyrim: This and the next mod I wanted to start this list out with. Book Covers Skyrim takes everything related to reading and retextures it. Even the small unimportant bounty notes for bandits, giants, and dragons, even the invitation to the Mythic Dawn museum you get that serves to introduce the place and nothing else. This is a mod purely made for the sake of actually making reading material in general in the game look good, and it covers the base game and DLCs. It also includes the option to revert spell tomes in the game back to their vanilla appearance for if you want to use another mod just for them.

Book Covers Skyrim - Lost Library: Requires Book Covers Skyrim. This is the addition of 295 titles unique to any combination of Daggerfall, Morrowind, and Oblivion to the leveled lists and a good length of merchant lists that make sense, and all in the original BCS level of detailed quality. Both are great mods to have.

[Add one or two mods for spell tome retextures here]

Also check out Gamwich’s stuff for all kinds of objects in the environment:

Rustic Alchemy and Enchanting Tables

Rustic Clutter Collection: A compilation of Gamwich’s Rustic Dinnerware, Rustic Pottery, Rustic Silverware, and Rustic Wine Bottles.

Rustic Cooking Station

Rustic Potions and Poisons

Rustic Soulgems

Immersive Soulgems: An alternative mod for soulgems.

Opinion: Pick whichever you like best, both are great.

Rustic Windows

Bloodstone Chalice Reborn

Easier Lockpicking - Nordic Locks

Manhole of Solitude



Better Signage - Inns and Shops

And from Saerileth, the following three mods:

Gemling Queen Dragon Claws

Barenziah's Glory

White Phial Replacer

Stunning Statues of Skyrim: for statues

MCking-Nightmother Replacer: For those that don’t want the horrific corpse, those who appreciate it, and I guess those that are into it.

Bar Rag in Clean and Grubby Versions

Better Mammoth Cheese

City Banner Replacer

Detailed Rugs

Dragon Glyphs HD Fixed: Because the original was good quality but less compressed and larger filesize. This is the same thing, same quality, smaller size.

High Quality Food and Ingredients

Ruins Clutter Improved

Silly Level of Detail - Potions and Poisons: Alternative for potions and poisons

Radiant and Unique Potions and Poisons HD

Potion Replacer: Alternative for potions: This is an interesting potion replacer that only covers the base game, not the DLCs. It completely changes the bottles and makes the content inside animated too. Normally I’m more into just proper retextures, but this is great in its own way so I decided to include it.

Silly Level of Detail - Wine Cellar: Alternative for drink bottles.

Unique Booze Bottles HD: For alcohol

Personal Opinion: You’ve got a few options here. SLoD Potions and Poisons, Rustic Potions and Poisons, Radiant and Unique Potions and Poisons HD, and Potion Replacer. I’d recommend one of the first three for quality, and Potion Replacer if you really want it, though admittedly I have no idea if using PR after one of them will work. For the alcohol, you have Rustic Wine Bottles, SLoD Wine Cellar, and Unique Booze Bottles HD. I’d wholly recommend Rustic Wine Bottles over SLoD in this case. Unique Booze Bottles HD is nice, but seems to require an esp, and I’d really only personally want it for the rarer things in Skyrim which are just that, rare. Firebrand Wine and Spiced Wine even already have their own textures, so really, just go for Gamwich’s unless you want to use one of the others. There’s also a mod below in Mystery Modder’s stuff that retextures the alcohol of Dragonborn’s Solstheim.

Weathered Road Signs

And no collection would be complete, in my opinion, without work by Mystery Modder, the guy behind Skyrim Ultra HD Texture Pack, found here in case you missed the link in the Netch and Silt Strider retexture entry above.




People Specific:


I mostly made this because I wasn’t sure where to put Rustic Children, and there were a few mods I liked that fit in a similar category of specific retextures of NPCs rather than general body altering stuff.

Rustic Children

Bijin Wives and Bijin Warmaidens: For those that want to spice up their wives and followers. Sadly, this has a bug for Aela the Huntress apparently that’s temporary, small, and doesn’t negatively impact the game. It’s just not very werewolf compatible and she goes invisible when changing into that form in a specific quest. She’s still there and appears after she changes back.

Seranaholic: For Serana lovers.

BVFE - Serana and Family: Also for Serana lovers.




Terrain, Environment, and Atmosphere:


Many things are taken care of in the large packs

Serious HD Retexture Skyrim: Large pack, but covers terrain and Riften specifically, so it fits here.

aMidianborn Caves and Mines

aMidianborn Farmhouse

Rustic Farmhouses: Alternative

Opinion: Player’s choice.

aMidianborn Farmouse and Roads Stone Wall

aMidianborn Imperial Forts

Real Ice All-In-One: Ice texture overhaul with multiple packages.

Quality Snow HD 4k: Actually 1k, 2k, and 4k, plus 512x512 quality performance retextures. Includes darker versions.

SNOW: A retexture of the blowing snow effect. Recommended to not use the 2k retexture.

STEAM: Retexture of the steam in the game.

RIPPLES: Retexture of the ripples when rain hits bodies of water. Not sure, I think it’s compatible with water altering mods.

OIL: Retexture of oil on the ground such as in oil traps.

SPRAY: Retexture effect of the spray when waves hit the shore. Compatible with WATER and Realistic Waters Two.

SOUL: Retexture of the dragon soul absorb effect. Goes well with More Glorious Dragon Soul Absorption

DANDELION SEEDS: Retexture of dandelion seeds floating in some exteriors in Skyrim. Don’t go too high or it’s overkill.

DUST: Retexture of dust found in Skyrim’s dungeons and similar places.

LEAVES: Retexture of falling aspen leaves and pine needles.

Unique Grasses and Groundcovers

Unique Grass and Groundcovers Plugin

Realistic Aspen Trees

Skyrim Flora Overhaul

Opinion: Holy shit SFO looks good. I actually wanted to avoid this because the one area I can honestly say I have no idea what I’m talking about/what I know about in for visual changes and improvements to Skyrim is its grass, plants, and trees. So, player’s choice on this I guess. SFO standard seems to be all you’d need, but like I said, I dunno anything about this stuff in particular.

Realistic Water Two

For those who want retextures for webs in their game, the following four mods:

Intricate Spider Webs

WEBS Extended

Hectrol SPIDER WEBS Deluxe HighRes Retex

Natural intricate Spider Webs 2x

Opinion: Player’s choice.

One Mountain - To Rule Them All

Ethereal Clouds

Ethereal Auroras

Ethereal Cosmos


Aetherius - More Alien Skyrim

Opinion: Aetherius isn’t for everyone, but I personally used it before and it looked neat. This is one of those “if you like that kind of thing” choices, so, I’d recommend Gamwich’s Ethereal mods more.

True Storms - Thunder and Rain Redone

DOWNPOUR: The mod’s creator even recommends you try out True Storms instead, but he also made a TS compatible version of this, and there’s a retexture for Wet and Cold’s stuff too.

Lightning During Thunderstorms: Makes it so that lightning actually strikes during storms, with some good customization to it. Even makes it so that getting hurt by rogue lightning strikes is another worry for the cautious adventurer.

Shooting Stars: Really great. Not a retexture of anything, but rather a configurable system that brings shooting stars to Skyrim’s night sky. A little more spice to pretty things up.

EotW Fort Dawnguard: Good retexture of Fort Dawnguard, should go well with EotW Dawnguard Remastered.

aMidianborn Solstheim Landscape

Detailing the Eldrich - Higher-Res Apocrypha - Temple of Miraak - Black Books

Detailing the Eldrich - Higher-Res Riekling Architecture

Climates of Tamriel: Huge overhaul to Skyrim’s weather and related lighting and sounds.

Climates of Tamriel Weather Patch: Something designed for use with ENBs, which I’m not wholly familiar with at the moment.

Climates of Tamriel - Weather Patch Snow: Designed for ENB but works without it.

CoT Lightning During Thunderstorms Patch

Realistic Sun for Climates of Tamriel and Vanilla

Opinion: CoT looks neat, but this is entirely up to player choice as I have no experience with it. Personally I’d probably just stick with Gamwich’s stuff, True Storms, and a few other mods. But hey, the choice is up to you. I did do some digging around for opinions on it, and apparently CoT in general can be taxing and seems to not look right if you don’t fiddle with ENBs, brightness, and whatnot used with it a certain way. It’s also, since it has all those unique weathers and stuff, probably got a few incompatibilities with similar mods. If you want things simple and desire to use other mods like True Storms, I’d say just go Gamwich or whatever else you like and focus on setting things up proper for the weather that already exists in the game.




Weapons, Clothes, and Armor(note, see "C&A - Jewelry" for all jewelry related retextures(currently not implemented anywhere)):



Nightingale Prime HD: High-res retexture of the Nightingale armor.

Nightingale Carbon Fiber Weapons: High-res retexture of the Nightingale weapons, with optional Nightingale arrow esp.

Nightingale Pride - Bow and Blade Reincarnation: Alternate high quality retexture for the Nightingale weapons.

Opinion: I'd probably recommend Nightingale Pride more, but you should be able to get the arrows from the mod above either way since it's in a standalone esp.

aMidianborn Blade of Woe: Not included in the Book of Silence, this is a really good high-res retexture of the Blade of Woe while keeping its current general shape.

Alternate Blade of Woe: For those that don’t like the general appearance/shape of the vanilla game Blade of Woe, here’s a nice replacer.

Opinion: Either or is fine.

HD Retextured Dawnbreaker: High-res retexture of the Dawnbreaker.

Dawnbreaker Texture Revisited: A modification of the HD retexture. Looks pretty and closer to what you would expect it to look.

Shards of Dawn: Completely optional, but still here for the heck of it. It's a little mod that adds animated floating crystal shards circling around the blade.

Noldorian Dawnbreaker: Alternate option

Opinion: Player’s choice on this one.

Wabbajack HD Retextures: High-res retexture for the Wabbajack, with opional black, red, and gold color variants.

A Vile Masque: Detailed Masque of Clavicus Vile retexture.

Unique Uniques: Insanity's replacer for various unique items throughout the game. Covers Aegisbane, Angi's Bow, Bloodthorn, Bolar's Oathblade, Dragonbane, Kahvozein's Fang, Pale Blade, Red Eagle's Bane/Fury, The Longhammer, Valdr's Lucky Dagger, Windshear, and the Shield of Solitude. Makes them all look much more interesting to use/have. There are also optional alternates for Bolar's Oathblade to better match Blades armor, Dragonbane's ebony-like material to be golden metal, and a scope for Angi's Bow.

Ebony Blade Reborne: Redo of the Ebony Blade into more of a detailed claymore, for those that didn't like the original appearance.

Ebony Blade: A well-made replacer that comes in greatsword, one handed sword, and one handed dagger forms.

Kohdi Retextures Part 1 - The Ebony Blade: For those that do want the vanilla game’s version but in better quality.

Opinion: Player’s choice.

Icy Chillrend with Transparency: I have three things to say about this mod. First, it's the starting project of a modder who did nothing but play around with adding transparency to glass weapons and armor. Second, it's probably the only mod out there I've seen that does a decent visual alteration/enhancement of it without making it look completely different. Third, it's not that bad. It really isn't. It changes the gold metal to a black-blue, and makes the blade of the sword transparent like actual ice.

Rueful Axe: The only retexture for it I really know of, this isn't that big a change. I figured I'd leave it in to provide an option, and there's an alternate bloody version.

Spellbreaker HD: Beautiful retexture of Spellbreaker.

Spellbreaker Mystic Reskin: An alternate retexture of Spellbreaker.

Opinion: Both look great, follow your tastes.

Necromancer Amulet Retexture: A well done retexture of the Necromancer's Amulet with plenty of variations. I'd highly recommend it since there's likely something for almost anyone.

Auriel's Bow Gold and Argent: argent and gold retexture of Auriel's Bow. A bonus is that you can use Ghosu's quiver replacer mod with this and it should have the same golden textures.

Auriel's Bow - HD Retexture: Very beautiful retexture of Auriel's Bow in 1k, 2k, and 4k options.

Auriel's Shield Gold and Argent: Argent and gold retexture of Auriel's Shield.

Auriel's Shield - HD Retexture: Very beautiful retexture of Auriel's Shield with 1k, 2k, and 4k options with and without scratches.

Ghosus Auriels Quiver Retexture: By the same author of the above HD retextures of Auriel's Bow and Shield, a matching quiver texture to go with it. Requires Ghosu's own quiver replacer mod, and has Proper Length Arrows compatibility and a mesh for the author's own retexture of the Sunhallowed and Bloodcursed arrows.

Sunhallowed and Bloodcursed Arrows - HD Retexture: Retexture of the Sunhallowed and Bloodcursed arrows, in 512, 1k, and 2k. Proper Length Arrows compatible.

Ghosu - Auriels Quiver Replacer: Replaces the quiver for Auriel's Bow. Proper Length Arrows compatible.

Opinion: Player’s choice. If you want Gold and Argent you can just install Ghosu’s quiver replacer and the GA textures will overwrite its own and make it like the bow. The only difference besides appearance is the option with the HD retextures of 1k, 2k, and 4k, the scratches on the shield, and that they include a retexture for the arrows as well.

Harkon's Sword - HD Retexture: By the same creator of the amazing retextures of Auriel and Dawnguard related items, this is a full and beautiful retexture of Harkon's Sword in 1k, 2k, and 4k options with and without scabbard.


This gets it started and about covers artifacts and unique things. Counting large batch packs, almost everything is accounted for. With the artifacts and uniques out of the way, the standard tiers and faction sets can be focused on.

aMidianborn Book of Silence, Skyrim Ultra HD Texture Pack, and Skyrim HD - 2k Textures combined cover many of the game's armor sets and some weapon sets. Filling in the holes from there isn't much of a task.

Daedric Armor and Weapon Improvement: Daedric armor and weapons

Glorious Daedric: Alternative

Alternative Daedric Weapons(2k or 4k): Alternative for weapons. Another option I found that I wanted to throw in.

Opinion: Depends on what you want, they’re all rather good.

And for Dragonbone and Dragonscale, the following four mods:

The Art of Dragonbone: Dragonbone weapons

JKO - Dragonplate Armor HD: Dragonplate armor

KanjsSKRT - Retexure - Dragonscale armor and Dragonbone weapons: Dragonscale armor and Dragonbone weapons

Babas Dragonbone HD Retex: Dragonplate Armor

Opinion: EotW Dawnguard Remastered retextures Dragonbone weapons since they were a Dawnguard thing. Considering what covers what, I’d recommend you put in KanjiSKRT first, avoid overwriting the EotW retextures for db weapons if you want to keep those, or overwrite them or use Art of Dragonbone if you want something else, then one of the two dp armor specific mods for that. Should cover your dragon swag needs.

Insanity's Ebony Sword Replacer: Sadly, this is just for the ebony longsword and greatsword, but it’s a great replacer nonetheless. InsanitySorrow has always been good with his replacers, and I really liked this one, so I decided to offer it up as an option in the list.

CL Ebony Weapon Replacer - Blades and Axes: Replacer for the ebony dagger, sword, greatsword, war axe, and battle axe

Opinion: This one is important. The one thing that annoyed me on the Nexus and in general was the lack of good ebony weapon replacers/retextures. Cabal does the armor right with his retexture, and InsanitySorrow has a simple yet elegant longsword and greatsword replacer. If that’s not your thing, you can give this a try, it’s by CrazyLion, the creator of the Ebony Blade replacer above. The warning here is that there is apparently a mesh and texture conflict with the Nettlebane and the blades replacer and I am not sure if Insanity’s Unique Uniques fixes this. Therefore, if you want minimum conflict, what I’d recommend instead, is to use the standalone axe replacer and Insanity’s ebony sword replacer. Or, if you just don’t care about the Nettlebane, or UU does fix this, you can give this a shot. It’s well made, so I do recommend it, but I wanted to get this out right here.

Elven Weapons for Silence: Retexture of Skyrim’s elven weapons to better fit Book of Silence. Even includes thalmorized versions.

UltraHD - Stormcloak and City Guards: HD retextures of guard and Stormcloak armor and shields across all the holds, 2k and 4k options.

Thieves Guild Armor HD Revival: HD retexture, covers normal, guildmaster, sleeveless, and Linwe's set.

EotW Mage Robes of Skyrim: Large overhaul pack for robes, and not just mage robes. Covers those, basic clothing robes, the Archmage robes, Thalmor, Greybeard, Psijic, Mythic Dawn, and more. Even covers some Hearthfire robes with the DLC required add-on.

Archmage of Winterhold HD: HD retexture of the Archmage Robes.

Improved NPC Clothing: High resolution retexture covering the base game clothes.

Emperor Regalia: Nice retexture of the Emperor’s Robes, comes in red or blue.

Opinion: It’s all up to your choice, but I’d personally go with Improved NPC Clothing, then EotW Mage Robes, then Rafuel’s Archmage of Winterhold HD. Get Emperor Regalia if it’s your thing.

EcthelionOtW Mage Equipment Overhaul: Great texture overhaul of staves in the game, including the more common staves and artifacts. The retexture for Sanguine Rose in particular is nice, and it has a good retexture for the Skull of Corruption.

Opinion: Go for this or Ultra HD pack for Sanguine Rose, and this or Book of Silence for staves, this is great for staves in general, and so far this is the only great Skull of Corruption retexture I’ve found. This also does Spellbreaker, so use this one’s or one of the other two above, your choice. Same for Wabbajack, use this or the HD retexture above.

Psijic Robes Retexture - Keeper of the Ogma HD: Retexture for the Psijic Robes with a more arcane look to them.

Konahrik Retexture - Herma Mora Dragon Word: Retexture of Konahrik's Mask to look more foreboding. It's essentially the author's take on Konahrik being represented visually as the "greatest mask", and it's pretty good.

Opinion: If you don't like it, there are other retextures. I'm handling the dragon priest robes and masks separately out of personal preference. Personally, I wouldn’t use it myself, but it looks nice so I decided to add it in. Keep in mind there are other retextures for a better looking Konahrik mask than vanilla and the Psijic Robes are handled by some above mods.

Glorious Stalhrim Retex: Currently only covers heavy armor and nothing else. Still an option. Personal opinion, I'd also try out Refracting Stalhrim.

Skaal Clothes HD revival: HD retextures of the Skaal clothes from Dragonborn.

Dragonborn Robes Retexture Pack: Retexture for Temple Priest, Cultist, Telvanni, and Miraak robes.





The current sections I am working on at the moment, on and off, besides this are MESA, Daily Life, and Player Homes and Bases. MESA and Daily Life should be decently fleshed out where they need to be and up soonish, and Player Bases and Homes is LARGELY going to be nothing more than a list of named links. The reason for this is, I'm not going to talk about how a given base has displays for all the unique items tens of times. Even a lot of really good player base/home mods have that kind of thing in it. When it's up, just go ahead and use the links to decide what you want. Meant to make a full list of decent to great recommendations for player homes anyway, due to this post and topic


Anything that violates the rules, any links or anything at all, just do your thing mods and let me know. I'm pretty confident there's not a "no Nexus links" rule. And remember, draft is the keyword. I know there's still things that need to be fleshed out and moved around, links to add, etcetera. That'll happen over time.

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