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Become Detective : Can you recognize this mod/Sword ?


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Hello everyone :)


i have Watched the Dance of death "a killmove mode" video on YouTube and i wanted to know where can i find the sword that the femele characters is wielding please !!?

It seems to looks like a dwemer 2 handed sword retextured but with a scarf to put in on !!


I have Been looking all over the web. Nexus, steam etc... With no success...


Since it's my 1st post, i'm not allowed to link video or a picture.

the video can be found on YouTube with the name : The dance of death a killmove mod for skyrim. : http://youtu.be/lq6a7HuCP9o


Thanks by advance for your help ! Because il have no Idea of the mod's name !

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Thank you CrniStandJoe for your help.


I have Checked the mod you're talking about but nor the blade So as the Scabbards added by the mod for the Dwarven 2handed sword are the same compared to the one i am looking for ( the one of the video). :-(

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Personally I never checked 2h scabbards from LeanWolf's mod (I am using the mod tho), and I use non-vanilla weapons, so I couldn't guarantee if scabbard from mod was the same as in video... And no problem mate, wish i could help you with that sword, but there are too many weapon retextures to be sure which one is it...

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in the comments on that vid 1 person said it was called lord armor mod on nexus i dont know if they are right but ill post the link for the lord armor on nexus




looked on the second vid on the nexus link its the greatsword in deadric smithing from that mod i havent tryed it so i cant be sure

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Oh my Man BADBAT111 !! You found it !


I had Checked two weeks ago for the comments of the vie too and i did'nt Check this Lord Armor mod since i thought it was an Armor only mod !!


You pushed the investigation deeper and you were right !


Just checked the Lord amor pictures of the 2handed sword and both weapon and scabbard Match ! Thx !

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