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Mistaken Identity - A newbs DD Quest Mod


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tl;dr at bottom


I've uploaded my very first mod here with a little quest, its very short but making it and getting it somewhere I could call it 'release-able' was tough enough but It seems stable and can be completed (at least on my playthroughs)


I'm totally new to the whole skyrim modding thing so according to Murphy's Law I may have made mistakes in any number of places, from setting up mod dependencies, scripting errors to even fucking up uploading the mod to the siteI've played through the quest several times to completion with only the minor problems I've listed on the download page. I didn't actually see any way to post in the download page for my mod so I figure I should make a thread since if there's a problem I don't see how I'm supposed to know about it.


Thanks for checking out my mod, you can leave feedback, comments or advice here!


tl;dr very new modder and mod, feedback, comments, advice and horrified gasps can all go here. Thanks!


My mod is here:



EDIT: added link to mod

EDIT2: Yes I did fuck up uploading the mod, I need to pack up the mod with a wyre bash program before I know 100% that it is going to work, however because of the small size of the mod I have been able to take the scripts that I use and I have added them to the uploaded zipped file so version .01a may now in fact work. (HOW CAN I TEST THIS MYSELF)

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It's really surprising I couldn't find a guide on how to pack up the stuff I need to upload beforehand, how do other modders do this kind of thing, making sure all scripts and dialogue are up as well as all their other stuff manually? Bit odd and scary even.

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