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Unable to pick locks


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So, for a while now I've been unable to pick locks. 


First I thought that maybe it was because I removed Sneak Tools along with some other random mods, but apparently not, since I reinstalled it to be sure. Around the same time I also updated PerMa, made my lockpicking(or whatever is the equivalent of it) legendary and finally finished the skeleton key quest, which I had kept up until then because lockpicking is a bitch. Could these have anything to do with it?


I honestly have no idea why this bug occurs. It doesn't matter what level the lock is, or whether its a door, a chest, a strongbox or whatever else. When I try to pick anything then nothing happens, no menu or anything. I've been using the "unlock" command up until now, but thats kind of immersion breaking and starting to become really annoying.

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