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Divinity 2: Director's Cut and Left 4 Dead 2


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Hello modders! 


Left 4 Dead 2

You might be aware of Nahka's fully nude Zoey. It comes in two versions: One with her wearing nothing but shoes and a belt, and a fully nude one, nothing at all. The problem is, the animations are all wrong when playing multiplayer games, she keeps falling or doing weird things all the time. Could anyone here make a downloadable fix for that?


While we're at the topic of L4D2, could someone skilled with modeling make a fully nude Rochelle too, without the belt and boots? 


Divinity 2: Director's Cut

That aside, I recently downloaded DIvinity 2: Director's Cut. I wanted to see if there were any good nude mods, but the only one I could find didn't look very good. So I was wondering if anyone could make a nude mod that didn't show a tan-line where the obviously transparent panties are, as well as a compilation of revealing (preferably bottomless and/or topless) armors and clothing?

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l4dmaps.com, years ago, before the Steam workshop was announced and they purged all adult content from that site. I haven't actually used it in a while, so maybe she'd be stuck head-first through a wall or something if I tried it again now, but it used to work fine.





I think it's one of them, but they're old files from June 2012

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