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Fallout TTW Freezing [SOLVED] please, close this post

Guest Xluxlu

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Guest Xluxlu

Hi, i have a big problem with fallout, i buy fallout 3 and NV from steam the last weak, everything works find with the mod TTW but, now (i have around 11-15 hours playing) my game freezing A LOT, this happen only when i make fast travel or go to one place to another, i don´t know what to do, i try to install Fallout 4gb patch and not work, its say ¨The BinkW32.DLL file is installed in the windows or windows system directory - it must be installed in the aplication directory¨ ¨error 0x0000142¨ i already place the .DLL file there and nothing.

I don´t know why this happen now, when i start to play all works perfect, but now when i make a quick save, it take a lot of time, (the game freez for 5 seconds) and then save the game

I have windows 7 64 bitts 8GB ram

this is my load order, please, help :( i love this game

load order.txt

Sorry my bad english

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