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Showracemenu ruining the Character's face


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Hi guys i've had this problem which i could not fix for a while.


Im using ECE right now. When i use the Showracemenu command in game, my character's look changes complately. This happened after i installed the updated version. My newer characters doesnt have this problem. I can change the as many times i want, their look is preserved when i first open the menu.


This is getting on my nerves, i tried disabling/enabling almost every mod but still this problem is present.



Can anyone tell me whats the problem or what am i doing wrong ?

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My approach was finally to live with it and redesign the messed-up faces. Nothing else seemed to work, and obsessing about it can make you crazy. 

I guess not everything can be fixed. 

Amusingly, the problem you describe first appeared for me when was using ECE, and was what made me change to racemenu, which also does it too, sometimes. 

Sorry this doesn't help much, except maybe philosophically. 



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You probably used racemenu at some point and still have files left over. Goes the other way too, if you were using ECE and switched to racemenu. I had to fully remove everything from one because disabling wasn't enough. So clear all racemenu files and reinstall ECE.



Just for future reference for people that switched between ECE/Racemenu in the past or is considering one:

1. You would like to fully nuke everything of whichever you're using. Remove all files (backup saved faces if you think you might want to revisit the mod later), clean the save with Save game script cleaner, and then start anew with the other mod.

2. You DO NOT want to attempt mixing ECE and Racemenu, even if the mods themselves state they can. Despite both mods claiming partial compatibility with each other (though ECE seems to have backpedaled on that claim), they really don't get along.

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