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First Person Footsteps

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Hello everyone, i have "run" into a little sound problem with the first person view. I don't exactly know wich mod it was (probably the XPMS-Skeleton Joyofperspectivesomthing) but when switching from 3rd to 1st Person view, I can see my charackters Body. The "problem" when I walk in 1st Person, i hear more footsteps as i can see my charakter actually is walking. Its not that big of a problem, but a little bit anoying.
If anyone knows how to fix that, i would be happy.

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there is your problem you are using joyofperspective ive always had problem with it and to make it better last time i used it made my camera on a horse (last horse i used to get through the water(frostfall)) anyway i would suggest immersive first person http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49036/?the only downfall is that when you use hoods or other item like that (this mean gags and blindfolds) they will show alittle you can fix this with a option that the mod itself have that removes your head when it is active this means your face will also not show when you run into walls and what not. overall it have gave me less problems try both and pick which one you like the most.

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