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Is there any love for Touched By Dibella out there?


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Hello everyone,


I'm thinking about creating a new character and starting a new game. I would love to do so with the Touched By Dibella body. Unfortunately, I can't find any armor for that body, other than the ones included and this thread: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/30939-tbd-touched-by-dibella-conversions/


Is there any other source? Perhaps from a site that I don't know?



... alternatively: Is there a conversion preset for outfit studio such that I can do conversions myself?







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Hi, thanks for the reply :)


It's true that Citrus supports TBD. However, there is no armor for Citrus afaik, and for good reason as the project is not yet finished. Also, judging from the latest pages of the Citrus thread, the bodyslide approach has been abandoned, so it's likely to never finish... :(


Any other ideas?

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