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DSR - SOS Patch

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Just change the slot that DSR uses in the patcher, under options. That should fix it.


EDIT: I mis-read. Sorry. 

Totally uninstall your skeleton. Then reinstall it. Make sure that you have all of the requirements for your skeleton. Do not overwrite .hkx files from your base skeleton (I suggest XP32 Extended, available here on LL )

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thanks for anwers 

if im wrong correct me but i think that sos have its own skeletron that dsr dont like so (male only) second sword/shield go underground


SoS does have it's own skeleton yes, but you don't use that one.


After you have installed all your mods, you install the one mentioned above (XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended) and let it overwrite anything it asks to overwrite.


It is your replacer skeleton for everything. It offers support for pretty much every single mod out there, so you won't have that issue. So install Mighty Beasts (if you use it), install Realistic Ragdolls and Force, install SoS, install Dual Sheath Redux, and then install XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended.


You won't have that issue anymore, as that skeleton will take care of it.


(It is always the safest bet to install XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended after ALL mods. It will be the last thing you always install, so NOTHING overwrites it. So no matter what you install, save that skeleton for last and have it overwrite everything else. Install it via NMM or MO and follow the steps.)

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