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samsung 850 pro or 850 evo ssd


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I just purchased 128gb 850 pro but then i seen a 250gb evo for only about £20 extra


i know the 850 pro is better in bench mark and specs wise but would an average user like me even notice the difference?


im thinking of returning the 850 pro to get the 250gb evo then at least i have the option to us it for games aswell (was going to use my 1TB hdd for games and ssd for os, drivers etc only) or better yet just get the 120gb evo which is about £50-60! its not like ssd improves anything in games except for loading!


thanks for in advanced 



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SSD with loose files = Skyrim top speed.

SSD with BSA files = just a little improvement


The difference between 850 pro and EVO is marginal. You barely may notice it. Except if you are red writing continously the same small part of a file, in this case the PRO will be way faster. (This is common for databases.)

Games? I think they will be the same.


Just for info, my system:


OS is Samsung SSD 840 PRO
Data and games (mostly for work) is SSD 840 EVO.


The difference in performance for the two on Skyrim is close to zero.


The difference on the two for a database heavy use (SQL Server 2012 with a heavy data access application) is about 45%.


Edit: Skyrim BSA on 840 evo is about 50% slower on loading and cell access than Skyrim all loose files on the same drive.

Playing? More or less the same, but loading on loose files is way faster, because the CPU (hey, my avatar!) is way less stressed.


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