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Armored Corsets w/ Built in Chastity Belt


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After playing Captured Dreams and almost the entire line of Devious Devices Mods and variants, I'm getting the impression that the originals are a little short lived. I noticed the design of the corset and its hardcore accessories (Loved it!!) and I started thinking (Oh God, here we go again).


I typically use Remodeled Armor CBBE for my armors along with some touches of TERA Armor. That's when I thought to myself, "SELF!! It would nice to have armored variants of the hardcore Corset from Immerslave."


My request: Can someone do an Armored Corset with matching belts? Or can someone show me where I can learn such wizardry? I would so love to run around with my Ta-tas exposed while fighting off Horny Bandits and Forsworn!


And maybe an Enema Anal Plug for "Consuming Potions" would be lovely! :3


I may try out Quick as you like, but am curious if anyone has tried it yet? I may have some ideas of my own to forward, but I'm not sure if it's already been done...


Anyway, Armored Corsets with a built in Chastity Belt... Please?!

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The Aradia Devious armor set was essentially what you are talking about. I don't think it's maintained anymore though. :-(


The only difficult part of this would be making the meshes and textures, that kind of thing requires some artistic and technical skill (which I do not have). After that, it should be a pretty trivial matter to make it into a mod. Any scripting would probably be quite minimal and easy. If someone made the meshes and textures, I would definitely be interested in helping with the rest of it.

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markdf: Well that's Disappointing... I guess I'll need to make it myself... I'm no modder yet, Gaming computer took a dump on me.


Pavelius: I suggested it once before, but it went unanswered and ignored for the most part. I remember thinking I want an Automatic Inflatable Anal Plug and a Dwemer Piston Plug too, but I don't think anyone saw it...

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