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Tamago/Hiyoko tweaks and observations


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Goofed and put this in the wrong forum, if a mod could move it to "Lovers with PK" it would probably be more useful. Thanks.


I rarely read here and post considerably less often so this is likely to be a one shot thing but a few details about the two mods have been bugging me and I thought others might have input as well. I'll cover a few topics here so sorry if I wander a bit. First the smaller or easier stuff.


We've long said that kids are for show, not play, but as of the last version I downloaded there's absolutely no provision to even try to enforce that which I don't understand at all. In HiyokoGenerator we can edit the same script that sets hair, clothes, and so on to add another item or two. That script is named "a3hgcInheritHiyokoInventory".


"a4tcExclude" bars them from having kids, or even being seen by Tamago, so that not only cuts down on the legal questions but also on savegame spam for ovums and such we don't plan to use anyway. xLoversPkrDisableH can be added here as well, that disables the lovers system and should avoid the vast majority of issues for them but I add the a4tcExclude anyway just because some mods such as LoversEncounter might bypass or otherwise not observe the disableH flag.


Ok, basic weirdness. In the TamagoClub.esm script "a4tcsTamagoOne" we've got the following lines which I've got some questions/observations about.


;    if me.GetDisabled
;        return
;    endif


I commented those out in mine due to something I recently saw in the mod "Damsels In Distress". One damsel which I had dealt with in the past came up again and at first everything looked normal enough, but as time passed she raced through one cycle after another, after another. What seemed to be happening is all the missed time where she wasn't processed wasn't skipped, it was just made up in a mad race as one phase followed the next.


Now if a disabled character was actually removed from the database that would make some sense, but to just not process it at all seems to leave behind pointless savegame spam for those we'll never use again and potential bugs for those we will use again. So, I commented that out so they'll be cleaned with the rest of them and eventually removed from the savegame. I'm open to better options if you've got them.


On the cleaning, I set the options in the ini to option 0, it defaults I think to option 2. The difference being that with option 2 they don't get cleaned no matter how long it's been if they have a womb, with option 0 they do get cleaned when you haven't seen them for a while. With a stock game it makes little difference, but with a large game such as mine which covers multiple worlds and add-ons the difference can be huge.


If anyone gives a damned I did make a Hiyoko generator tweak which allows something north of 800 kids, it's absolutely pointless as far as I can tell other than as a tool to test the limits of what the game can handle but what the hell. If anyone wants it I guess I can toss it in somewhere. With too many kids the AI update gets really slow and kludgy so for practical use, skip it. I'm sure there were other points I wanted to hit but I can't remember them offhand, if I do later maybe I'll come back and add them.



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I did remember one other aspect that I wanted to hit. Non-persistent NPCs. When running into bandits, the Hentai mods, or in other places we find NPC's which register with Tamago but which are either just temporary such as with the bandits or who are permanent but not persistent such as with the Hentai ones. Two ways to deal with that which I've played with, I went with the second myself.


First way is to just exclude all non-persistent actors. second is to qualify that with non-persistent && from mod FF. The first way excludes all of them, the second option allows the permanent types but still bars the one which are gone in days.


That seemed to reduce savegame spam or bloat considerably.

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