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Making a Custom Race Compatible with Werewolf & Vampire

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I have a mod I am working on, more specifically building upon, that includes a custom race. However, there is no vampire support or werewolf support. In other words, werewolves change back to the default Nord race after reverting back to humans and vampires aren't flagged as undead or vampires making the Vampire Lord questline for Dawnguard unplayable. 


I have made the CustomRaceVampire race in the CK to allow for a consoling to the vampire version of the Custom Race, which includes all the tags needed to be labeled as a vampire and the FaceGen data; I don't want to do just that though. I want to make it so that when the Player is made a vampire, either through infection or the the Vamp Lord quest line of Dawnguard, the player automatically assumes that CustomRaceVampire race like the Vanilla Races do. I have read that it happens to be with a script such as one called "Dlc1VampireTurnScript" that changes a player into a vampire through the DG questline if they aren't one by that point. However, I do not know how to add or change a script to include the Custom Race, nor do I know how to make a script that switches the CustomRace into CustomRaceVampire.


For werewolves, it might be a conflict with Moonlight Tales mod that I'm using but with the Custom Race, I turn into a default Nord after reverting back human. I've read it happens with you console your way to a new race but I've used the custom race from a New Game and only had to use the console to switch it when I was turned into a Nord. 


I've read a script within the Dawnguard DLC manages the transformation of werewolves and the storing of which race to revert back to, a script called "PlayerWerewolfChangeScript" I assume. I would like help, if possible, in making the Custom Race known to the game that if the player is the Custom Race at the time of transforming into a Werewolf, then that's the Race it should be when reverting back human. 


I've come from the GECK in modding, where you can directly find and change scripts directly from the editor and Skyrim's CK, where scripts are stored, from what I can tell, directly within Quests. I don't know how to change them and even if i did, I wouldn't know how to add the Custom Race to the Change Scripts for Vampire and Werewolf forms. 


If anyone can help, I'd appreciated.

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