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How to install a female body?

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The first two questions are:

  1. What exactly you want to install?
  2. Do you use any custom race?


Overall installing anything is rather simple, but depending on what specific files you want to install there might be a few little things to keep in mind. Overall though the most body mods I've seen alrewady come in the correct path in the files; the XP32 skeleton you need and the physics extention also come in such a predefined file which makes it easy to install by simple drag'n'drop.

If you use a custom race though that path might be different than the vanilla one.

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Do you have all the requirements for that mod installed already? If yes, then just place that SKSE folder into the Data folder.



i recommend nmm for beginners

No. Just no. If you really need a tool to manage your mods, then pick MO instead. But with both the problem remains that you by that somewhat lose the actual knowledge how the installation of mods works.

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