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How to use Papyrus for checking error?


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I encounter a CTD problem that I can't load save games I had. I haven't  install or uninstall new mods..(even going to new games and reload still cause CTD)

 I already know about LOOT/BOSS, and WRYE.

 the problem is I don't know about this Papyrus.. I had install it but I don't know how to use this..

There are some reply to me when I had problem in CTD to check Papyrus Log but I know don't how..

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The papyrus log is a trace file generated by Skyrim to track the execution of the script on the virtual machine of the game.

To enable it go in your skyrim.ini file (usually in C:\users\<your user>\Documents\My Games\Skyrim\), edit it and add (if missing) these lines:


After you launch the game the papyrus log file will be in: C:\Users\<your user>\Documents\My Games\Skyrim\Logs\Script\
Ant it is called papyrus0.log
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